How To Get Payment History Via Api - in 2022 ??

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  I am trying to get all historical subscriptions to my app that is currently live in the app store. The closest I have found to a solution is to iterate the current active subscriptions via GraphQL - but this obviously then misses out any historical subscriptions from stores that have closed/frozen/suspended. I can't query a store that has closed/frozen/whatever because, of course, my authentication key/token is revoked.


  I do also see that this was asked previously over here and the answer was 'not currently possible'. I take it that this is still the situation in 2022 ?




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still nothing in 2024... 🥲

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Hey @haroldao


Have you looked at the partner API, using the transactions query? 


If not, can you share an example of the specific events you're looking to query and the limitations you're running in to. We can look in to that and see if there are ways currently to get this. 


Kind Regards,

- Kyle G.

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I haven't heard about that... ty so much 😇

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