How to get selected payment methods on a Payment App?

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I noticed that when you create a Payment App you list all the available payment methods. This is displayed during checkout and a merchant can select the payment methods they want to be displayed by going to their store's admin page.


Go to store's admin page > Settings > Payments > Manage


After clicking manage you'll be able to select and unselect payment methods.


Right now the only use of this is it gets displayed on Shopify's checkout page.


Is it possible to get which payment method the merchant has set for our Payment App? We would like to use that information so when their customers get redirected to our Payment App's checkout page they'll only see the payment methods the merchant has set. Is there an API for this?

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same question with you.
when klik pay now and redirect to payment app shopify send test mode value, but its not send selected payment method value.
is it possible to get the value or not?