How to handle legacy_fulfill_request for Fulfillment Orders

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Hello @Shopify 


I am getting thousands of fulfillment orders (FOs) with the below data in response when I am making requests to /assigned_fulfillment_orders.json?assignment_status=fulfillment_requested

"outgoing_requests": [
                    "message": null,
                    "request_options": {},
                    "sent_at": "2019-11-21T16:43:52+11:00",
                    "kind": "legacy_fulfill_request"

And I am just accepting these FOs so, that I can get new FOs on 1st page when we call /assigned_fulfillment_orders.json?assignment_status=fulfillment_requested


However, I am not able to accept some FOs, and getting error as:

    "errors": [
        "Could not mark fulfillment as open."

Here is the request ID - X-Request-IDeefdc670-18ce-4f48-af35-4cc95c4977ec


Can you please help??


Ideally, I should not get these FOs as these orders are very old and already settled, however, I did not find any documentation on why I should get these legacy orders having kind as legacy_fulfill_request from 2019.

OR is there documentation on why I am getting this and what are the best practices?




Note: I saw a similar question but it's not answered yet and it's reported to be happening on new FOs.

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