How to inject Product Schema in Shopify through REST API?

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Hello there,


I am developing an app in Shopify.


How can I inject Product Schema in Shopify through REST API?

I need product data like url, name, price in the schema.


Thanks in advance

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Hey @user072319 - hope I'm understanding correctly, but are you wanting to upload product data via REST? If so, we have a decent overview of how the product resource (object) works in REST here. All the available endpoints that allow you to modify product data are listed there as well as an overview of the structure of the resource/object. For example, there are certain fields that are unavailable, (like URLs), and some fields (like price) are available on different resources (productVariant). Our Admin API doesn't directly interface with the storefront frontend. To query/return values like product URLs, you'd have to use our Storefront API our through the store's theme (liquid) files.

If you wanted to take a look at our Node.JS library, we also have an example of how you can build these queries into your code. These examples are specifically for Typescript through Node, but it's a good starting point. Hope this helps!


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