How to make a product live in the online store via REST

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What I am ultimatly looking to achieve is to allow people to buy a custom product which also has a unique price as well as other unique attributes.


After looking at many options and trying lots of things the approach I am currently doing is to list the item in the store via the REST api and then return the shopify product ID from my APP call and use that to add the product to the cart.


I have everything working EXCEPT that I cannot publish the product to the online store - I have tried lots of solutions such as the published state, scope, published_at and so on and also looked at a product_listing API call and in the admin I can see the product, its active etc BUT it isnt listed in the online store and I have to manually do this (but I need this to be automated so I can add the item to the cart when my app call returns).


Additionally, I am not sure how instant the activation is -I assume its pretty instant but just wanted to confirm that as I am effectively adding the product when the user clicks "Add to cart" (I will be checking to ensure no duplciations).


I have considered adding variations but there is the 100 variation limit so thats not ideal.


I would assume this is a shopify limitation but I dont see that mentioned anywhere


Can anyone help?






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