How to prevent duplicate records with since_id in Node Rest Admin API

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I am building a Node REST API that makes calls to a list of Products. I am using the 'since_id' parameter to only retrieve new records that have been added since the last call. However, I am noticing that duplicate records are being returned in my list. Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a solution to prevent the duplicate records? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  do {
    page = await{
      session: session,
      limit: 50,
      since_id: page.length > 0 ? page[page.length - 1].id : undefined,
    products = products.concat(page);
  } while (page.length > 0);


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Hi @DelfineUmaku , This blog article here might be of some help to you Perhaps including since_id=0 in the endpoint would help with this 

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EDIT: "since_id=0" on the first page request solves the problem.


I'm experiencing the same. Basically what happen is, after certain page, the since_id becomes the same over and over, because page[page.length - 1].id returns the same ID, then we get the same results again.