How to test Shopify Cash

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Shopify has announced it's "Shopify Cash" program. Our understanding is that this is a feature that Shopify merchants cannot opt out of.

Currently, some of our Shopify clients who are using Shopify payments have received a few orders with split payments between Shopify Cash and Credit Card (Visa for example). These clients use Shopify Payments and "Manual" capture, whereas payments are authorized at checkout, and captured later. Our clients use our PortalMX custom app whereas we submit those capture requests via the Shopify API after the merchant has ensured that they are able to fulfill the order.



  1. As a Shopify Partner focused on integration via the Shopify API, what needs to be done to configure the Shopify site to:
    1. Accept Shopify Cash payments
    2. Create Shopify Cash test orders

Thanks for your assistance!



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