Identification of custom products that should be grouped together

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I'm facing this issue of being unable to identify which products should be grouped together. This is due to my listing being customizable, add-ons to my main product are all lumped together inside the API and I cannot identify which products belong together. This problem pose a greater issue when more than 1 customized products are in the same order.


To put this into context. Take the example of a customizable table. I will have the following items to be able to customize and chosen.

  1. Table Frame: Black($200)/ white( $150)
  2. Table top: Classic(+$0)/ Natural wood(+$50)
  3. Top Color: White(+$0)/ Black(+$25)/ brown(+$50)

If I have an order that have (Black frame + classic top + White) and also (White frame + Natural wood top + brown),

I will only be able to see product id with quantity of 1 for each of the items in the orders API and I will not be able to identify the specific groups within the order. 

Is there any way that I can identify the groupings of products within this order?

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