Implement OAuth flow using Shopify node and lambda functions

Implement OAuth flow using Shopify node and lambda functions

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I am trying to implement Shopify authentication using node js library ( and lambda functions.


When I am trying to test the flow I am receiving body = null in the event object, is there anything I need to configure to get the body or request or response details from Shopify? I am getting headers and shop name in the event.


I need to call beginAuth method to initialize the flow, but from where I can get request and response? Is it possible to get it from event?





exports.handler = async function(event, context, callback){
console.log('Received event:', JSON.stringify(event, null, 2));

        API_KEY: process.env.API_KEY,
        API_SECRET_KEY: process.env.API_SECRET_KEY,
        SCOPES: process.env.SCOPES.split(" "),
        HOST_NAME: process.env.DOMAIN_NAME,
        API_VERSION: ApiVersion.July22,
        IS_EMBEDDED_APP: true
	const authRoute = await Shopify.Auth.beginAuth(

	response.writeHead(302, {Location: authRoute});





I am able to test the authentication flow in the local environment by using ngrok and I am getting request and response details when I test the app.


Only having issues when trying to implement via lambda.

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