Implementing deferred purchase options (Pre-Order) in Shopify app

Implementing deferred purchase options (Pre-Order) in Shopify app

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Hi everyone!
I am struggling with how to implement deferred purchase options (Pre-Order) in my app. Basically, I have used SellingPlan API to create and add products to Selling Plan group but when I test the checkout process it still doesn't delay the payment to a fixed date but rather pay immediately with all amount.


Basically I want to fully implement like this


Can someone explain further what I have to do with Plan purchase and checkout task? I was following this link: 

But I don't understand how to implement it, do I have to create a new Liquid template file for the checkout page?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You can follow this link to implement pre-order in your app:


Shopify Partner
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@Zach321 I follow these steps but there is an issue, nothing is displayed on screen. can you help me ?