Integrate with Shopify through Admin REST API

Integrate with Shopify through Admin REST API

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I want to build an integration between my product and Shopify. Something similar to what Zapier or Integromat is doing right now. This means I don't want to list any app on Shopify's Marketplace.


The flow should be something like this:

1. A user logs in to our product.

2. She/he clicks on install "Shopify" integration.

3. The store URL is requested from the user.

4. The OAuth consent screen is shown to the user.

5. The user accepts.

6. The process is done. Now the user can check her/his orders in our product.


Looking into the documentation, it seems I need to build a public unlisted app. However, the OAuth process is something that needs to be started on Shopify's side. This is a requirement to pass the review process. Isn't there any other option? I'm trying to avoid developing something that will never be used. This would be just for the review process purpose. 


Please let me know if there's any other alternative.


Thanks in advance,

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