Intermittent API errors

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Hey there,


I'm working on an app and a part of the functionality involves uploading a new theme as a zip file using the Admin REST API. Throughout the day I've been getting intermittent internal server errors when uploading a zip file, in GET requests for an asset etc.


I call them intermittent since I retry the same request, same zip file, 5 times and it fails 4 times and succeeds once. This started today and I haven't observed anything similar before. I haven't changed anything that would affect this request either, so I'm presuming it's something with the API acting up.


Anyone having a similar experience?


Here are a few error ids in case Shopify Staff looks at this:


Internal server errors:





Missing "layout/theme.liquid" when it's not in fact missing:

f08f2178-a693-4b1 2-8677-57497fe17469

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