Inventory Level API : Adj

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We are seeing an issue where we can set the available inventory correctly and successfully from NetSuite, but then within minutes the Shopify adjustment history is saying we are making an additional adjustment with a random quantity we are not pushing. 

We are using this endpoint

And if you look at the attached image you will see the random +47 that is being set by us "Maverick Fulfillment" according to the log, then the script sets it correctly (and reduces the 47) back to 482 (which is what it should always be within this timestamp. )

In our script, we get the location first of our warehouse, then we pull the product list, and then if there is a difference between  the two values, set the shopify inventory level with netsuite available qty. 

Has anyone seen this behavior and know from a top level what we may be doing wrong? 

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