Is it possible to close PaymentSession programmatically after user clicks on "Return to merchant"

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New payment API works like this to my understanding.


  1. User chooses payment provider on checkout and clicks Pay button, which redirects them to payment provider page. In the backend of things Shopify sends request to payment provider with PaymentSession request
  2. Payment provider server sends Shopify back status 200 with redirect link and user is redirected to the payment provider page.
  3. If user now wishes to change something to their order or just do go back to shop for a second and now clicks on Pay button again in Shopify side no new request is sent to the Payment provider server because it is still the same session and it will use the old redirect link.


Is it possible to stop the current payment session somehow from API so it would always do a new request?

Our payment provider server supports many different platforms and Shopify is only small part of it currently (ca 600 shops). The link in our system gets expired at some point or goes into CANCELLED status after returning to the shop.


I would like to create a new request to my backend everytime user clicks on the Pay button on Shopify side. Can I do something about it or should we redesign our systems to support that flow? (Links that last forever and never get EXPIRED)



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