Is it possible to hide variants using API?

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I would like to know if it is possible to hide/show a variant when there's (no) stock of that variant using the API. I searched on the documentation but did not find anything like that.


If it is indeed impossible to make such thing, I would like to know if I can delete the variant even if there are active or old purchases. What are the consequences of doing that? Assuming it is possible, I was trying to do some tests retrieving all product so I could delete each one of them without stock. However I have some problems with this approach:

  • I cannot retrieve a product by sku ... I tried but I do receive a lot of results which were not supposed
  • I tried to get products with the "Retrieve a list of products" service but I cannot get all of them. I tried to use parameter "since_id" but I think that it doesn't work. I tried to get 3 results and then used the id of the first has the value for the since_id parameter. I was expecting to receive the 2nd and 3rd result of the first test on the second one but I didn't get that
  • Deleting the variant, will delete its images? What more?


Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance!

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