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Is Shopify Billing Api Integration Mandatory To Build Public App?

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Hi All,

We are from a CRM application and completed Shopify integration to sync contacts and orders by using webhooks. Now we are trying to submit the app to show on Shopify App Store. We have a Free plan, trial and multiple billing plans in our CRM.


When we are trying to submit it, the Shopify team is asking us to implement billing using Shopify billing APIs. But we are tightly integrated with our billing APIs. SO we totally messed up if we implement Shopify billing. We need to reimplement the entire billing module to do it. I have seen few Marketing integrations like Zoho, Hubspot and ActiveCampaign who also have not implemented the Shopify billing api IMO. Is there any way to submit our app without implementing the billing API? Or please suggest to proceed further.

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We are in the same situation. Doesn’t seem to make since to migrate our entire software’s billing system to Shopify just to to complete a small integration / feature. Have you found any more information on this?

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any news? we are facing the same issue..