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I am encountering while trying to update shipping lines for orders via the Shopify API.

When I update the note section for an order using the API, the changes are applied successfully and I receive a 200 OK response from the API. However, when I try to update the shipping lines for the same order using the API, the changes aren't being applied and the shipping lines remain unchanged.

I've checked that I'm using the correct API endpoint and request method (PUT with /admin/api/2023-01/orders/{order_id}.json) and that I'm sending the correct data in the request body. I'm also receiving a 200 OK response from the API when I make the request to update the shipping lines, but the changes aren't appearing in the Shopify admin interface or in the storefront.

Could you please advise on what could be causing this issue and how I can resolve it? Is there anything else I should check or any additional permissions I may need to update shipping lines for orders via the API?

Thank you for your help.

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Hey @Omotoke1 - this is odd, definitely understand where you're coming from here. If you haven't already, the only thing I might suggest is checking if the order ID is correct and you are modifying the order you are intending to change the shipping lines for rather than another one. 

If you're still encountering difficulties after confirming that though, the next best thing to do would be to get in touch with our Partner Support Team and share an X-Request-ID from the Shopify Response headers for an example API call where you're seeing this behaviour persist. If you have a Partner account, you can access Partner Support directly through the Partner Dashboard on the left hand side of your Partner admin screen. 

Our Partner Support team is able to get in touch with some of our more technical teams to troubleshoot if need be. 


Hope this helps!


Al | Shopify Developer Support

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