Issues with new API Version

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Hi together, 

i got an e-mail from Shopify Apps Team that i need to update my API Version. ( I got this on both of my websites)

I use this app to sync the orders with our CRM system.

I changed the Version from 2021-4 to 2022-01 and now i can no longer synch the orders in my CRM System (Weclapp) 

i dont get any error messages it only dont send the new orders.


Next step i tried to change back to 2021-4 but still nothing happens.


I hope you could help me. The shopify support said they do not help me because this app is not from them. So im a little bit over asked who the "Private Apps" are from and who i need to contact.


I copy the email below which i got man.



Was dein Entwickler wissen muss

Mindestens eine private App hat in den letzten 30 Tagen eine veraltete API aufgerufen. Die Unterstützung dieser Versionen wird am April 1, 2022 eingestellt. Aktualisiere die unten aufgeführten Apps auf die API-Version 2021-07 oder höher, um sicherzustellen, dass sie weiterhin richtig funktionieren.

Shop: mycusini

App: weclapp
Änderungen, die zu Unterbrechungen führen können:

  • Das Feld force_ssl wurde aus der REST-Admin-API Shop entfernt.
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Hi @TeresaD 


It sounds like this is an app you've developed yourself, to synch information from your shops to a third party system. Could you please explain how the app worked while it was still working, and what exactly you changed regarding the versioning? Are you using webhooks to sync the data, or are you actively requesting it via the API? When you say "nothing happens" what normally happens?



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I'm unknowledgeable -- but there could be situation where /api/orders.json specs changed (not too likely but again possible) and request is malformed.  That being said, this problem should be apparent --> if your app is logging the errors,

EDIT: This would be from the perspective of "Weclapp" -- api version is in the url string if an external app is making requests (i.e



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Thank you for your help. 

I got an answer from our CRM system they need to update their app. A little late when the shopify update is already running. But ok we will see how this will work.

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Hi Teresa, happy new year!
did the update work? How long did you have problems with the syncing before it was fixed?