Landing_site is null

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Hi everyone, hoping someone may be able to help me. I'm not a developer so please excuse lack of technical language.


I have Shopify integrated with a CRM via Integromat - a middleware product that uses Shopify's API. My scenario starts with a 'watch orders' trigger that returns all the data about the order. Customers are directed to checkout by following a permacart link, which contains a unique ID reference which I pick up from the landing_site field and use later in the scenario. 


Recently I have seen instances where the landing_site field is empty. The first time I noticed this was on an order from 9th March 2022 and twice more since then, but previously had never seen this before in 2 years of running this scenario. I had seen issues where the landing site was 'corrupted' containing phrases like '&no_cookies_from_redirect=1' but not empty. 


Shopify support say "connecting and receiving data from Shopify's API is currently managed directly by the third party services who use the API solution". Integromat support say "If the API response sends us the empty or null value, it will appear as null. You can check with the Shopify support team as why the value is being sent as null." So not very helpful.

I can't identify any difference between occasions where the landing site is empty. Would you think it is something at the customer end, e.g. using a private browser? I am very reliant on this functioning so even if I could recommend to customers that they don't use private browsers, that would help. 

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