List of enumerated Shopify Gateways and/or order sources?

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I'm trying to allow merchants to pick sales channels and gateways when my app should perform some work on their order.

For example, Merchant Acme only wants my app to work on orders coming from Shopify Payments only.

Another merchant wants my app to work on orders from all sources except from eBay.


Order Sources


The order.source_name is just an integer sometimes, and the order.source_identifier is a UUID but there's no human friendly name. Nor is there an index that I can find in the GraphQL or Admin REST APIs that shows an index of available sources for orders.

Order Payment Gateways

Same issue for gateways. I can see there's specific gateways on the order that are human friendly at least, like "Ebay/Paypal" for the order.gateway, and in the order.payment_gateway_names.

However, I don't see an API endpoint to retrieve the list of all available possible gateways.

Does such an endpoint exist?

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Hi dylanpierce,


There is not currently a way to list all the active payment gateways in a store via API, nor a way to see a list of all potential sources for orders. 


The order.source_identifier value is intended to be the order ID on the source channel . About order.source_name in particular, there's some great additional info about it on [the announcement for channel attribution in the changelog] that also gives an idea of the potential variety of values it can hold which may be contributing to such a feature not being available:


source_name (string): Handle indicating where the order originated. Can be set only during order creation, and is not writeable afterwards. Values for Shopify channels are protected and cannot be assigned by other API clients: web, pos, shopify_draft_order, iphone, and android. Orders created via the API can be assigned any of the handles listed in the Partner Dashboard, on the app's Marketplace extension. The handles are case sensitive. If the string is not in the list handles, then the order will be left unattributed. If unspecified, then new orders are assigned the value of your app's ID.


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