Local Delivery mark as Ready for Delivery via REST API

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When I want to mark a Local Delivery as 'In Transit" or "Out for Delivery", I would need to first Fulfill the Order  ((/admin/api/2020-07/fulfillments.json with tracking_info as null because Local). ). Doing this, marks the Order as Fulfilled and Closes the Order and Archives it. However, then if the Merchant checks the Order via Shopify, they no longer have an option to mark it as Delivered there. They would solely have to use our platform to add a fulfillment Event for 'out for delivery" and "delivered". This is fine, but I want them to still have the option as marking as Delivered via Shopify in addition to our platform. How can I achieve this, and/or Is there a better way to mark a Local Delivery Order as 'Out for Delivery"?


Also, in Shopify you can mark a Local Delivery Order as 'Ready for Delivery", is it possible to do this via the REST API or GraphQL? 


Thank you

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Hi @CraigP ,

Did you mange to make it work?