Make preorder or gift card sale process as a liability instead of an asset?

Make preorder or gift card sale process as a liability instead of an asset?

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Is there a way to use the API to do this? I see you can do a lot of other thing like make a product non taxable but I am wondering can I make it a liability as well. 


Ex: If I am preselling a shirt, I need to mark that as a liability for the users of my app until they fulfill the order. Same for gift cards or store credit. If they sell store credit or give a gift card, it is a liability until used. Is there anyway to mark it as such within shopify for reporting and tax purposes?


I appreciate any help you can offer.




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Hey @Talktohenryj,

After some digging, the feature you described as storing "liability data" for products, gift cards, or orders, isn't available on these objects, and therefor wouldn't extend to API. That said, there are absolutely instances where an an object or resource might not have the fields, data, or values that are needed for unique business use-case/logic.

In those cases, we often suggest leveraging metafields on an object/resource where available. There is a great overview in the developer docs that go into further detail about types, definitions, setup and configuration, however the intro gives a pretty good TLDR; of what metafields are intended for:

Metafields are a flexible way for your app to add and store additional information about a Shopify resource, such as a product, a collection, and many other owner types. The additional information stored in metafields can be almost anything related to a resource. Some examples are specifications, size charts, downloadable documents, release dates, images, or part numbers.

One more benefit is that metafields can also be created and managed from the admin, or when generated with the API set as private to the app that creates them - offering quite a bit of flexibility to fit what works best for your usage.  

Hope these resources offer a few ideas moving forward - Cheers!


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