Marketing events API failure

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Dear community,

Trying to read email campaigns store data with Shopify GQL and REST APIs.

REST API call getting empty response although data available in store.

GQL API fails with internal server error.


Is there an API to read Shopify email campaigns ?

Is the Shopify marketing events API the correct one for this ? is it working ?


Created a validation store with emails campaign run in store.

Added an app with read_marketing_events and write_marketing_events scopes.

API calls still fail.

As a trouble shooting added almost all available Shopify API scopes to app. (

Still API calls fail in same manner.


Shopify store with email campaign:


Failing GQL API call:


Empty REST API response:


Empty marketing activities GQL API response:


Saw a couple of community posts around this issue  , all without resolution 😞





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