marketingEngagementCreate mutation not working

marketingEngagementCreate mutation not working

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I have a custom Marketing Activity set up to send custom Abandoned Checkout emails. However, when I attempt to send engagement data to Shopify, the numbers never trickle down to the Marketing Automation reports. I am using the marketingEngagementCreate mutation, version "unstable" (since that is the only version that allows "reach" to be submitted), and the mutation response indicates that the data I am sending is being received. Am I going about this the wrong way?

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Hi RGdotcom,


Your approach seems correct, as you are using the `marketingEngagementCreate` mutation to send engagement data for a marketing activity, but there's a few things to check since you're not seeing the expected data in the Marketing Automation reports:


1. Engagement data is processed asynchronously, so there might be a delay between sending the data to the GraphQL Admin API and being able to see it in the app user’s report. If you've recently sent the data, it's possible that it hasn't been processed yet.


2. The most recent value overwrites previously sent values. This means if you're sending multiple sets of engagement data for the same marketing activity, only the most recent set will be visible.


3. Ensure the data you're sending is accurate and complete, as well as being in the right format. For example, for each marketing activity, the value of the cumulative field (`true` or `false`) should remain the same across all of its engagement data. If the value is `true`, then each engagement is a lifetime value for all metrics up to that `occurredOn` date. If the value is `false`, then each engagement is the total metrics for only that `occurredOn` date.


Try out the above and let us know if these work for you!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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