Metafield Definition Translation

Metafield Definition Translation

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to create and manage our stores we send data via API (we already use the latest API) and Graphql.
To use the new Shopify 2.0 dynamic filters, we have defined and populated product metafields.
However, we need to translate the stores into other languages as well.
From what we can see the value of the metafields can be translated into other published languages and we did this.


Instead, it would appear that the metafield definition cannot be translated, as you can see in the screen below.


In this way we can't use this metafields as storefront filters, 'cause we aren't able to translate their labels.


Thanks for the reply.

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Same problem here. Right now, I have to hardcode the translation in the theme

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Hi, can you explain me how do you hardcode the metafield translations in the theme? thnaks

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We have exactly the same problem. We can't use our metafields using the "Search & Discovery" plugin