Metafields are overwritten when transferring from the ERP system (Xentral)

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Hello Community,

I am having a problem transferring our content (metafields) into Shopify. 

ERP System (Xentral)
Apps: Shopify Product Reviews
Apps: Metafields Guru

What we do:
We maintain our products in the ERP system Xentral and export them to Shopify using the Shopify interface (API). We have also defined individual additional fields, these are written to the metafields with the namespace "global". (Xentral can only write to the namespace "global").

In addition, the "Shopify Product Reviews" app also writes its data to metafields. With the namespace "spr" and "reviews". Now as soon as I push a product from Xentral to Shopify, all content is deleted and repopulated. Which is ok for the content that is maintained in Xentral. However, the fields from "Shopify Product Reviews" are also affected, these only exist in Shopify. At this point I have also used a different review app, so I claim I can rule out the error there, as the same issues occurred there. I talked to Xentral, they say they can only push the data, supposedly can't define rules that only override certain things. (Possibly, the interface is not mature).

My question:
Do you guys have similar experience and have the problem as well or an idea which settings I missed?


The best would be if the Review APP fields were protected and can't overwritten by an external product update.

Thanks for your hints and ideas


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Hi @Fry 


I believe it is an outage from Shopify side, we are using accentuate and it is behaving the same. All the metafields are updating with some latency and overwritten or having null values some times. Looks like a cache issue.



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Hi @Jithen_g , 


thanks for your feedback.  I could observe that the fields in our case are really removed or emptied after a push from Shopify, although no new content was pushed for these fields.