Migration From Fulfillment To FulfillmentOrder - Items and Orders bulk update

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I have a few questions about new FulfillmentOrder Workflow. 

According to migration guide, I created my Fulfillment Service throw Admin API for my app, so in shop I can use it like Location. 

1) I had many Orders created before adding my Fulfillment Service. And I still want to fulfill it, but I can't get them via /orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json, because these orders are associated with another Location (not my fulfillment service).
Is it possible not to specify a Location for an Order, so that I can always get a list of FulfillmentOrder (via /orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json)?
If not: Is it possible to change fulfill location for all Orders?

2) I want to stock all my products on a newly created Location.
Can I change "Location to stock" for all my Products? (can't find necessary option in "bulk edit")

Thanks a lot

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Regarding your questions about the new FulfillmentOrder Workflow, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a list of FulfillmentOrders for an Order that is associated with another Location. However, you can change the fulfill location for all Orders using the bulk edit feature. To do this, go to the Orders page in your Shopify admin, select the Orders you want to edit, and click on "Edit orders" button. Then, under the "Location" field, select your new Fulfillment Service location and click on "Save" to apply the changes to all selected Orders.

  2. Yes, you can change the "Location to stock" for all your Products using the bulk edit feature as well. Go to the Products page in your Shopify admin, select the Products you want to edit, and click on "Edit products" button. Then, under the "Inventory" section, select your new Location from the "Stock at" dropdown menu and click on "Save" to apply the changes to all selected Products.


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1) Works for me. Thank you.
2) I’m almost sure that I used to see the "StockedAt" column in the "Bulk Edit Product" window, but now I don’t have this option anymore. Should I fix it somewhere in the Settings?

All options for Bulk Edit Product page:

Product title
Product category
Product type
Online Store
Compare-at price
Cost per item
Charges taxes
Continue selling when out of stock
Track quantity
Requires shipping
Harmonized system code
Page title (SEO)
Meta description (SEO)
URL handle (SEO)