Migration to new fulfillment workflow

Migration to new fulfillment workflow

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We are from Janio Asia, we are partnering with Shopify as a Fulfillment partner via the App created in your system.

We were informed to migrate from the existing fulfillment workflow to the new fulfillment workflow by April 1st, 2023, but now the deadline has changed to July 1st, 2023. However, we have queries regarding the new workflow as shown by Shopify. Below are some queries that we will know to clarify before moving to the new workflow.

• If the seller has 3 different fulfillment hubs, and they do not need Shopify to manage the inventory of the individual hubs, does the seller still have to create 3 different fulfillment services for each location? or is it ok to have a single fulfillment service irrespective of the number of locations?
• If Janio is only doing pickup and delivery, do we still need to manage fulfillment?

Can we set up a meeting with Shopify’s IT team please to understand the requirements of this new flow?

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