Missing currency in product details or collection details

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While getting product details currency_code is missing in response of get single product details and ist shows in documentation but not getting in response 

Screenshot (11).png



"variants": [
"id": 45051419164968,
"product_id": 8255011094824,
"title": "Default Title",
"price": "54.00",
"sku": "c",
"position": 1,
"inventory_policy": "deny",
"compare_at_price": "23.00",
"fulfillment_service": "manual",
"inventory_management": "shopify",
"option1": "Default Title",
"option2": null,
"option3": null,
"created_at": "2023-05-05T08:28:16-04:00",
"updated_at": "2023-05-05T08:28:16-04:00",
"taxable": true,
"barcode": "",
"grams": 0,
"image_id": null,
"weight": 0.0,
"weight_unit": "lb",
"inventory_item_id": 47098869547304,
"inventory_quantity": 62,
"old_inventory_quantity": 62,
"requires_shipping": true,
"admin_graphql_api_id": "gid://shopify/ProductVariant/45051419164968"
Even this details of currency not getting in Product variants API also
Please check , Thanks!



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