missing emails for orders cancelled by API

missing emails for orders cancelled by API

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We have a problem with orders cancelled through the API interface. In the case of bank deposit payments, orders are automatically cancelled by our ERP via API if payment is not received within 14 days. Unfortunately, no email is sent to the customer in this case. The email should be sent when the status of the order triggered by the API changes to cancelled. As I understand it, the payment should also jump to cancelled when the order is cancelled which is not the case.

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Hey @OSEurope 

Thanks for getting in touch - I'd done some testing this morning with the REST API's Cancel Endpoint against API version 2021-10 posting to api/2021-10/orders/order_id/cancel.json

Curiously enough, for me I'm receiving emails ok and the order status changes as expected. When pass this in the body when I cancel :

	"email": true

My email is sent ok - I receive the email at the recipient server additionally.

Here's my test order timeline :


Noted the status changes to cancelled following my REST API call - 


That said, there isn't much further my team can go dig on this since we currently don't provide authenticated support through these forums, limiting our ability to dig deeper, locate accounts, stores, or much else past generic API logs. 

If the ERP confirms they are passing the correct API call, and if you are a Shopify Partner please feel free to follow select the new option to "Report an issue [BETA]"  select the option for API, and follow the authentication steps(looks like this). We can't guarantee all requests or bug reports reported here are answered directly, but I would absolutely encourage you use this option and share as much detail as possible.

Alternatively, If you are store owner or store staff member, please reach out to Shopify Support and let them know we suggested to do so, with next steps to take a dig into the issue. With some example orders, they should be able to see from the logs what is happening. Hope that helps!

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