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@Shopify  we are a third party fulfillment service. We have existing Shopify clients that we ship orders for. The current integration uses a custom app and fulfillment orders work flow. We want to migrate to fulfillment service app and opt-in to receive notifications for fulfillment requests.

The client's store currently has location that our inventory is connected to. If we create a fulfillment service we see a new location for this fulfillment service.

Here's our dilemma. Please advise on how best to migrate an existing custom app to fulfillment service app and the new fulfillment orders workflow. 

1. If we use the new location id and set inventory levels to new location ID, we can only do so if that inventory item id has no commitments. We do not want to shut down the site and stop taking orders and clean ship. Our order volume is too large. 

2.Ideally we would like update the current fulfillment service for our existing location and opt-in,  but we don't have a fulfillment service ID we can use for this location.

                    "id": "gid://shopify/Location/123",
                    "name": "Location name",
                    "legacyResourceId": "123",
                    "fulfillmentService": null




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