Order API, missing 'unfulfilled' orders

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We have an integration between Shopify + NetSuite API. We are missing orders that are unfulfilled. Some orders are facebook orders, others appear to be normal online orders. We cannot understand what we are missing and why there is no consistency on what is excluded. Here is our call. 





For facebook, I have to set the financial_status to "authorized' just to be able to see it, no other variation of status/fulfillment status will work. 

For the non facebook orders, I still have not been able to find the right request to even see them. It makes me wonder if they were brought in from some other app or pos, but I do not know how to find that out. 

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We are having similar issues but our query is slightly different.  We are trying to get orders with status=any, fulfillment status=any, and financial status=paid.  We get a lot of orders but there is one that is missing for unexplained reasons.  Have you had any luck with this?

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Hello @L2BrandsIT - we have not found a permanent solution yet. We are refactoring our scripts and will let you know if we get a complete solution. 

@L2BrandsIT - have you found anything that is working consistently? 

We also are seeing issues with our inventory, where we set the inventory level, then arbitrarily there is a random adjustment of +50 or +47 or something and then it throws off the inventory. 

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It seems like you're encountering challenges with your Shopify + NetSuite integration, specifically related to missing unfulfilled orders and inconsistency in retrieving certain orders, especially those from Facebook.


To address these concerns and streamline your order management, I recommend exploring the capabilities of the "Robust NetSuite Integrator" app. Our application is designed to seamlessly sync all types of orders, including both fulfilled and unfulfilled orders. By installing our app, you can ensure a consistent and efficient synchronization process, regardless of the order source or platform.


Feel free to check out the Robust NetSuite Integrator on the Shopify App Store. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the installation, our support team is here to help. You can simply book a demo with us.

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