Order API - Multiple Refund Order Adjustments of Type 'refund_discrepancy'

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We are integrating shopify orders / refunds into our ERP system and have encountered a sporadic issue where a refund has multiple order adjustments of type 'refund_discrepancy'. One will have a negative value and the other a positive value for the same amount. I am trying to understand why this happens so we can account for this in our integration logic.


For example:

Refund an order for 50

That refund's order_adjustments array has two entries, both with type 'refund_discrepancy':

  • One for positive 50
  • One for negative 50

Anybody have any ideas why this would happen? Is this expected functionality within Shopify?


Was able to find other posts with similar issue, but not any answers on those posts:


Let me know if there is further detail required.




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Shopify Partner
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I got the exact same situation / problem.
Saw this with multiple stores or gateways.