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Hi all,


I wanted to ask a clarification on the orders API. When puling a list of orders through the reset API, there are many sub objects such as fulfillments, customers, line items, etc. associated with each order. If there is an update to one of the sub objects (say a fulfillment is updated on the order) is the order updated_at field also changed? or is it only reflected in the sub objects updated_at? 



Our app is pulling all of this info and I am wondering if we can build tables solely from the order API or if it would be better to integrate both the order and fulfillment api separately for example.


Thanks in advance for your help, let me know what you think.

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Hi @ZachAttack 


Some fulfillment actions will cause the Order updated_at field to change, but it is best to poll for fulfillments and other objects separately to ensure nothing is missed. Hope this helps!



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