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We're a 3PL that has integrated with many clients. We use fulfillment_orders_opt_in as a fulfillment service so that the client can control whether we fulfill items or if they want to do them internally/through another provider they have the option to do so simply.


Some clients wish to have bundle products which they handle via a bundles app as it's more efficient this way/solves the inventory management issue.


The issue: when a customer places an order if the checkout settings are set to automatically fulfill the items they will request fulfillment on everything at that point, the bundles app then comes through and splits out the components but does not request fulfillment of the newly added items, Shopify has already taken that action so it doesn't do it again either. 


The concern: If it has a bundled item + other items then we'll only see part of the order, we could end up shipping half the order being none the wiser to the other items on the order. If it's an order with only the bundled items we won't see the order at all.


The manual work around: Turn off automatic fulfillment in the checkout settings, ask the clients to manually request fulfillment each day - not ideal, time-consuming and clunky workaround.


Question: is there any way via API to request fulfillment when you use the fulfillment_orders_opt_in.


I have tried {{baseURL}}/admin/api/2021-10/orders/{orderID}/fulfillments.json which would do exactly what we need but receive the response below


    "errors": {
        "base": [
            "The fulfillment service has registered for fulfillment order based fulfillments."
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