Order endpoint 404 not found

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I'm having issues using the get order endpoint.

/admin/api/2022-04/orders/12345.json  returns a "404 not found" error even when the order is created within the last 60 days.

However this deprecated endpoint works: /admin/api/2022-04/orders.json/name=12345 

Other endpoints like the get shop info one also work.


So it's definitely not an auth issue. I COULD use the second/deprecated endpoint to retrieve the order, however, ultimately I need to cancel the order, and this POST call /api/2022-04/orders/12345/cancel.json does not work either. Gives me a 404 as well.


A failed request ID from the cancel call is 4ecb206b-3d74-465c-a543-f10bca0e53b3. And from the get call is 9152659a-78f6-4bf0-b5b4-3f37368af139.


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