Order total is not displayed correctly after creation via API

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I create an order via the Rest API ('2023-01') and also pass it information about shipping costs.

However, after submitting the order, the total amount of the invoice is not displayed correctly everywhere.

On the status page of the order and on the order detail page in the shop backend, the total price is calculated/displayed without the shipping taxes. In the automatically generated invoice that can be sent by mail and in the index list of all orders in the shop's backend, however, the correct total price is displayed. This behavior occurs regardless of whether I pass the total price when creating the order.


Here are a few screenshots of the problem:
Note: The final total of the invoice for a total of 10.38€, with 1.66€ taxes included results here from:

  • Gross sum of line items: 3.72€
  • Taxes of the Line Items (3.72 * 0.19): 0.71€
  • Shipping costs gross: 5€
  • Taxes of the shipping costs (5 * 0.19): 0.95€

Order status page: taxes and total costs are wrong

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-03-29 15-05-51.png


index list of all orders in the shop's backend: total price is correct


Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-03-29 15-06-24.png



order detail page in the shop backend: taxes are correct but total price is wrong

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-03-29 15-07-01.png



the orders invoice: taxes and total price are correct

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-03-29 15-07-48.png

@Shopify Can you please take a look at this and give me feedback on when you will fix this bug? Our customers really need stable and correct behavior of the software here.


Thanks in advance and greetings, m.

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Hi @MariaEshopGuide  👋


If Admin API values are correct and the Admin dashboard order page is showing the wrong value, please reach out here with an account authorized for the store in your screenshots and provide the team with this example order. There are many factors to be considered here such as the store's settings for markets, taxes, etc. and they will need for you to be authenticated to investigate.

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