Orders not filtering based on FilterStatus

Orders not filtering based on FilterStatus

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I'm trying to retrieve a list of Orders that are Paid and Unfulfilled. If I understand the documentation right, that would mean in the OrderListFilter I supply a FinancialStatus == "Paid" and a FulfillmentStatus == null? (I've tried "Unfulfilled" in the past and that seemed to work). This worked find on a few stores I've worked with, but on this new store, for some reason I'm getting Fulfilled orders returned in my list.


I'm using ShopifySharp in C# and here's my code:



			var service = new OrderService("myendpoint", "myaccesstoken");

			var orders = new List<Order>();

			var filter = new OrderListFilter();
			filter.FinancialStatus = "Paid";
			filter.FulfillmentStatus = null; //I've tried "Unfulfilled", "null", and null, all same result
			filter.Limit = 250;

			var result = await service.ListAsync(filter);

			//Loop to get all pages/orders
			while (true)
				if (!result.HasNextPage) break;
				result = await service.ListAsync(result.GetNextPageFilter());




You can see here in my debugger, a status of "fulfilled" was returned:



There's a lot that get returned that are not "Unfulfilled". What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to filter and only get "Unfulfilled" statuses? I am getting "On Hold" orders too...



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