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Good day,


I am trying to implement the Mobile Buy SDK in Android Studio for my custom app, but I cant figure out, which classes / methods I need to use now, as the documented methods don't work anymore.


Specifically this code is not existing in this form:


  .httpClient(httpClient) // optional
  .httpCache(new File(getApplicationContext().getCacheDir(), "/http"), 10 * 1024 * 1024) // 10mb for http cache
  .defaultHttpCachePolicy(HttpCachePolicy.CACHE_FIRST.expireAfter(5, TimeUnit.MINUTES)) // cached response valid by default for 5 minutes



I am currently using this library in my app.build.gradle


implementation ('com.shopify.mobilebuysdk:buy3:14.0.0'){
exclude group: "com.shopify.graphql.support"

I needed to exclude this group, as it generated duplicated classes.


Is there a link to a newer documentation? Did I skip an important part?



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Shopify Partner
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Has anyone found documentation or sample code that works for recent versions of the mobile-buy-sdk-android?  As of Feb 2023 the documentation on github is still for 3.2.3 and doesn't work/compile for recent versions (the current version is 15.1).