paymentSessionResolve not working as expected on success events.

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Hello all!


I have a productive payments app installed in about 1000 stores and i'm having a weird issue on the mutation to resolve the order as paid. On some random orders, the paymentSessionResolve is not working as expected, ill try to explain it below;


On some random orders, when i do the graphql request to resolve the payment, i get a success response with success status code and body, but the order is still "pending payment" on the merchant store. For example;

[2022-07-07 14:43:05] Order: FA_1J6mdywqs4XXXXXXXXXX
"mutation_response":{"data":{"paymentSessionResolve":{"paymentSession":{"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/PaymentSession\/FA_1J6mdywqs4XXXXXXXXXX-","status":{"code": "RESOLVED"}},"userErrors":[]}},"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCost":11,"actualQueryCost":11,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvailable":109200,"currentlyAvailable ":109189,"restoreRate":5460}}}}


I've tried to 'fix' it sending that mutation two times for each payment, with 0.75S of delay, but im still having the same problem,

but if i wait some time and i do another retry with the SAME request, it works..


So, i think is not a problem of the request, because it works on the 90% of the orders and even when i retry the same request it works..


Also, since the request has a success status code and body and payment apps dont have a scope to read the order status, i cant identify that cases to do an automatic retry, i need to wait for every merchant to send me a ticket with that issue and take manual actions


it could be a shopify issue maybe?


I hope someone can help me, Thanks

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Hi @agatto-conekta If you have some example checkout urls or the x-rexquest-id of some failed mutations that were sent you can include those on this form and our support team can check the log data to see if theres any insights there we can share to help understand this. 


KB77 | API Support @ Shopify
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