Problem ShopifyAPI::GraphQL.client.parse - undefined method `fields' for nil:NilClass

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I am a developer, and we use a local ruby app with the shopify gem (version 9.0.2)


Evrything worked well, until recently (around Monday-Tuesday), when suddenly it can't parse all my GraphQL call on Heroku

But when I am doing the same process locally, it works

For example, on both : 
-I am initializing the ShopifyAPI with the credentials, the api_version

- I ask the following request

query_variables = {'gid' => gid}
    query_str = <<-'GRAPHQL'
      query($gid: ID!) {
        product(id: $gid) {

-After that I initialize the client : 

client = ShopifyAPI::GraphQL.client

- And then I try to parse

query_graph_ql = client.parse(query_str)

Locally it works well, and now on Heroku I have this error

NoMethodError (undefined method `fields' for nil:NilClass)

and before a few days ago, it worked well on Heroku as well
Does someone has an idea where does this error comes from ?


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Hi Bseido,


Have you made any changes on the Shopify side or Heroku recently? It does seem to be an issue on the hosting side. 

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam,

Yes I made change on Shopify, the store is now multlingual
But from my POV, it shouldn't work on local either, if it comes from Shopify

So I suppose it comes from something on Heroku, however when I am using the console on heroku, the only problem is with GraphQL (and I have push the API Version I am using on it)


Edit: I tried on others Shop i own and the result is the same


I also want to note that it works well with the REST API, it is really only the GraphQL one

And I am initializing (with the api key and password) the same way for both

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For heroku, it seems to have appeared after a push
But until now, I have always use the same method for pushing, and it has always worked
So I don't know why it appeared now

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Hi Liam,
I have tested on several shop and the GraphQL does not work

I have also fixed some problems I had with Herok and tried to generate again the graphql:dump and push it


But I still have the same problem, only with GraphQL
From my understanding of the error, it's as if the "client" is not correctly initialize


Is there a way to do a GraphQL request without using the parse ? Or do you have an example of a request after the parse ?
I would like to test if the client.query method works


For now my only conclusion would be that something has not been correctly push on Heroku, since on local it's working, but I don't know what it is
And why would it impact only GraphQL, and not the REST API (I initialize both the exact same way)

It's really troublesome and right now it does not make much sense to me...