Problem when updating product_status and published_scope

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I am experiecing problems (see below) using my private app and postman

When I send a "product_status" update (from Draft to Active)
And the user is sending an update for "published_scope"  (from web to global or vice-versa)
Only product status is being updated and product scope remains the same

I have to perform several calls to get product status and published scope updated. Is there any explanation for this?

Also, I found that if I send "product status", "published scope" and "published_at" it is updated in a single call.
Is there any explanation about this behaviour?
Is "published_at" a necessary attribute to perform both attributes updates in a single call?

I've trying using postman and my private app aswell and "published_scope" field is never updated. Doesn't matter if the product_status is active or draft. And Shopify doesn't return an error.

I didn't find anything on API documentation..


Thank you

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This is still happening, anyone had the same experience performing this type of action?

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I've run into this issue as well. I haven't been able to publish any products created via the REST API with version 2022-10 and above.


It's one thing to necro a year+ old thread, it's another to necro it for the wrong API...