Product and Variant creation using Admin API (not updating price immediately)

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Hello there, I'm facing some issues related to product and variant creation using Admin API.


1). I'm working on a live store where on product page I'm using a customizer to customize some options for product and on the basis of options calculating the price. Then using private app and admin API creating a product and it's variant and return that variant on product page and then finally adding that variant to the cart and redirecting to the cart page but there is an issue, on cart page its load with 0 price and null image but after some time when reloading cart page its updating the price and image.


2.) On cart page there is an option for editing the options and when user updates and click update button, i'm updating variant price using my private app api and returning the resulting variant and again reloading the cart page. But facing same issue on the cart page its taking time to update the price.


Sometimes it is taking upto 1 minute and it is not user friendly. Please guide me.

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