Product API return 502 error

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Our app using Product API to get product data via REST endpoint

In one of our stores, we're continuously getting error for this endpoint, the request usually takes very long and eventually returns 502 Bad Gateway. Our request look something like this /admin/api/2021-07/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit=250


Through some troubleshooting, we reduce the limit param to 1 and discovered that some of the products causing the error have maximum number of variants (100) and the store is using more than a hundred currencies. If we don't set to get presentment_prices, the request completes successfully. But that's not going to work for our business requirement since we need price data to display the correct product price.


One more note, the same request used to work in the past, we were able to get the product data and saved it in our database weeks ago. For some reason, it stops working now.


I'm hoping you can take a look at this to help us resolve this issue. Thank you.

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Can anyone please help with this issue? We are losing customers because of this and we don't have any work around...