Product Variant Reorder not working with PUT API call

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So I have a major issue, first when I am running PUT API call to update the product variant ordering this is not working 


This is my payload

    "product": {
    "product.variants":[{"id":40395023646860"option1":"TW Boomi Test 3" },{"id":40395023548556,"option1":"TW Boomi Test 1"},{"id":40395023581324,"option1":"TW Boomi Test 1"}],
    "options":[{"values":["TW Boomi Test 3"]},{"values":["TW Boomi Test 1"]},{"values":["TW Boomi Test 2"]}]
I tried removing the Options and also option1 field for the sake of testing and just enter the ID none of these works at all.
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