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Programmatically releasing and order to a fulfilment service

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I'm trying to convert our integration to the new fulfilment service model.  I have been able to figure out how to automate all the steps in the fulfilment process, except the step where the user clicks the 'Request Fulfilment' button.




I have tried to use the 'fulfillmentOrderSubmitFulfillmentRequest' API as the description fits what I want to do.

'Sends a fulfillment request to the fulfillment service of a fulfillment order.'


But I get a 'Fulfillment order does not exist' error. when I try to pass the order ID as 

"gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrder/4574488985684" or an 'Invalid ID' if I use 
I also looked at the order APIs and could not find an API that looked like it would initiate the fulfilment service process.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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I think I have this figured out.  If I use the 'Get Order By ID' API , the system can return a fulfilment ID, that I can then use to call the fulfilment API's in the fulfilment process. 


In fact I just checked and using this API, I can by pass the whole callback and accept fulfillment process steps and go straight to 'FulfilmentCreateV2' API and mark the order as Fulfilled and collect payment.