Queries on the Return APIs

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Hi Team,


We are working with the Return APIs of Shopify and have some questions. Any help on the below will be appreciated.


- This is about creating a return with the exchange. I have seen the Return Object in the release candidate and unstable version of the APIs there we can see the object exchangeLineItems but while creating the return (returnRequest API and returnCreate API) none of the APIs take exchangeLineItems as input. However, I checked the flow in the UI exchange option is available in the Seller Panel. If the exchangeLineItem is not part of creating return APIs, how can we create a return with exchange?  What is the right flow for the same?


- Once a customer hands over the returned product to the Shipping partner agent, is there any way to update the same to Shopify that the product is picked up in both UI and APIs?


- This is about disposing of the return. In disposing there are four values presented in the enum which are MISSING, NOT_RESTOCKED, PROCESSING_REQUIRED, and RESTOCKED. Now as a seller items that are returned need some processing before adding back to inventory and we choose the option as PROCESSING_REQUIRED. Later once the product was ready to be restocked then we tried to dispose using the RESTOCKED option but it threw an error. In this case, what will the approach be to add the inventory back to the available quantity using the APIs? 



Deepak Samria

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