Query demands required parameter after ShopifySharp version update

Query demands required parameter after ShopifySharp version update

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I'm using ShopifySharp to make API-Calls with GraphQL. I just updated from Version 6.3.0 to 6.6.0 and without changing the queries, I get the following error message:


{"(400 Bad Request) query: Required parameter missing or invalid"}


The same query runs fine with the previous version and I could find any change log with related information.

I get the error message for every query I tested like ''query MyQuery { shop { name } }".


Both ShopifySharp Versions use Shopify-API-Version '2023-07'. Thus it's probably not caused by Shopify but by ShopifySharp. When downgrading or with e.g. POSTMAN I can run the query without exception.


Does someone have an idea what might cause this?


Thanks and regards

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It's difficult to see what might be causing this issue, I'd recommend opening an issue in the ShopifySharp repo here: https://github.com/nozzlegear/ShopifySharp/issues

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