query market specific inventory using Admin API

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The blog post on the newly announced Shopify Markets features describes the ability to: 

surface the right inventory to your online store based on the inventory locations that ship to a particular market

My understanding from this paragraph is that the inventory levels for a product will be segmented by "market" or customer context (country?) - as also described here.


However the Admin API doesn't seem to support this inventory context, and the 2022-01 API release notes even mentions specifically that the new ProductVariant sellableOnlineQuantity field "doesn't represent the total available inventory or capture limitations based on customer location."


So question is: how will we be able to query products based on inventory_total filter (which should be customer context aware - same as `contextualPricing`) or query correct inventory levels for variants based on context?

Is this planned for next round of updates for the Admin GraphQL API?

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