Query Regarding Fetching Marketing Activities Data Using GraphQL

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I am writing to inquire about how to properly fetch marketing activities data using GraphQL API. I have attempted to retrieve this data using provided query, but unfortunately, we have not been successful. Despite having marketing activities data within our Shopify store, we have encountered difficulties in retrieving the associated data.


Here is the sample GraphQL request we have been using:



    marketingActivities(first: 10) {
        nodes {



And, we got this response,



    "data": {
        "marketingActivities": {
            "nodes": []
    "extensions": {
        "cost": {
            "requestedQueryCost": 6,
            "actualQueryCost": 2,
            "throttleStatus": {
                "maximumAvailable": 2000.0,
                "currentlyAvailable": 1998,
                "restoreRate": 100.0



Could you please provide guidance on the correct GraphQL query structure or any additional steps required to successfully fetch marketing activities data?


Additionally, I am interested in knowing how to obtain the specific marketing activities ID associated with a particular order.

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